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Cricket Australia (CA) has found some sponsorship relief with Toyota and HCLTech expanding their deals.  It says this helps preserve the value of key assets in anticipation of future negotiating success.

The two have upgraded their arrangements with Toyota front and centre on the men’s playing shirt, and on the sleeve of the men’s and women’s playing shirts. 

HCLTech will remain on the sleeve of the men’s playing shirt and their training apparel.

CA has been in the market for about 18 months searching for a new sponsor since Alinta Energy gave notice in mid 2021 that it would be pulling out.  https://www.sponsorshipnews.com.au/index.php/component/content/article/50155

Mainstream media has constantly pointed out that the sponsorship exit blame belonged to captain, Pat Cummins. However, as reported by Sponsorship News, the accuracy of this is questionable and seemed to align more with some medias’ political agenda rather than reality.  https://www.sponsorshipnews.com.au/index.php/component/content/article/50716

A tough market and a less than appealing season of domestic cricket is thought by insiders to have dampened commercial support.

CA’s general manager executive and broadcast, Stephanie Beltrame told Sponsorship News that the body was extremely happy to get the revamped partnerships.

"These one-year upgrades not only provide excellent value for cricket and our partners, they allow us to protect the value of these iconic properties and continue negotiations for forthcoming seasons."

Toyota has been a long-standing partner, joining in 2012. The arrangement covers the men’s and women’s national teams and both the Big Bash Leagues as well as the sport’s inclusion programs and community game through Toyota Good for Cricket.

HCLTech has been a CA digital technology partner since 2019, helping transform cricket.com.au, the live app and PlayCricket, while streamlining community cricket coverage. 

We recently interviewed HCLTech’s chief commercial officer about the importance of its CA sponsorship.  https://www.sponsorshipnews.com.au/index.php/component/content/article/51550

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime has secured exclusive Australian broadcast rights for ICC cricket tournaments for the next four years.

The deal is a first of its kind and sees major sports broadcasting rights secured by a streaming service – without a free-to-air partner.

The move has been likened it to a major change in the UK’s cricket broadcasting in the 1990s when Sky acquired the rights.

However, there are critics of the arrangement that have expressed concerns that an exclusive deal with a streaming service might diminish the sport's visibility to the general public.

Amazon's deal will see 448 live games broadcast spanning 2024 to 2027 and positions the service as the fourth major cricket broadcaster in Australia.

The timing of deal comes days after news broke about progress in the government's review of anti-siphoning legislation. This covers rules for major sporting events to be available on free-to-air television.

Federal communications minister, Michelle Rowland emphasised the importance of free access to iconic sports events. This is a sentiment that would resonate with the 2.1m Australians who watched the national team defeat India in the recent ICC World Cup Final, including 1.6m on the free-to-air, Channel Nine.

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